Once there was a video game programmer called Rusty. This of course is not his real name – but ever since the age of 8, one of the instructors of his Judo class decided he should be referred to by that name due to his flame hair. Rusty didn’t like the name at first – but over time, he grew to appreciate it and even like it a little. And even though the flaming red of his hair has faded to a more subtle colour in later life, he will still respond to being called that name.

Rusty had a tendency to travel. This was not something he had ever planned on doing. But it seemed that life, like the currents of a fast flowing river, tended to drag him around all over the place. From here to there. Even when he thought he had settled down in one place, it turned out his job would frequently grab him and throw him to interesting places around the world.

Like most people, Rusty tends to do a lot of thinking. And this site is a place where Rusty can write down his thoughts, no matter where in the world he might be.