First big first post

So this is the obligatory first post. There’s really not much to say right now – I have my hands full with trying to get my book finished so that my publisher will stop complaining, and travel time with work is also a bit of an issue in terms of the demands on what little free-time that I have.

But that’s ok – those are good reasons to have for not having enough time to organise lots of content, right?

One of the main reasons that I have this blog is so I could have my domain name that I gave up a few years back. But that’s not to say that I don’t have things to discuss and write about. I don’t have to write massive blog posts to say what’s on my mind! No doubt there will be times where I treat this blog like twitter or facebook with simple single or two line entries.

Speaking of which – I recently gave up on both social network sites. There wasn’t any single reason for me to do so – I just wanted to get rid (if possible) of my public social stuff. And then I re-registered my domain name with this blog. Hmm…I wonder if there’s a link? Because if I’m honest, I have sort of missed writing out my thoughts, simple as they might be.

That’s enough rambling for now. I’m off to work more on the book. Peace and Love!